About me...

NCS tallaght

I have been a member of Edinburgh Photographic Society (EPS) since 2006. I got my LRPS in 2006 and my ARPS in 2007. I got my AFIAP in 2009, my EFIAP in 2011 and added the silver level (EFIAP/s) in 2015. I was delighted to get my FRPS in 2012 at the first attempt. I have now over 1300 acceptances in National and International Salons from around 250 different images, and have won over 100 awards - medals, ribbons and certificates. I see prints as the finished photographic article, and projected images merely a step towards that end! Therefore I now enter only thise salons that have a print section.
I am a Scottish Photographic Federation judge, and also give talks to camera clubs - from Dingwall to Durham and Llandudno.
Currently I have four talks that are available to camera clubs - "Making a Silk Purse from a Sow's Ear" ,"In My Mind's Eye" , "KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid" and my latest one "The Ones that got away." This last one is a talk about my favourite images which never had much success in salons - or failed altogether. (I have quite a lot of these!!!)
If you would like me to give a talk to your club, contact me here.
However, for personal reasons I am cutting back on both judging and lecturing. From next season (2017-18 onwards) I will only consider engagements that do not require driving along the M8 or over the Queensferry crossing.

My photographic interests are mainly people, (candids and street photography) abstracts and still life, and my favourite format is mono print work.